Expert Speaker: Stefan Kraan – the Seaweed Company

We’re very happy to announce Stefan Kraan as one of the expert speakers on Day 1 of Algemania! A seaweed biologist, Dr. Kraan is the managing director and also co-founder of The Seaweed Company.

Expert Speaker: Stefan Kraan – the Seaweed Company

Dr. Kraan will be speaking about "Improved Seaweed Farming Technologies and Practices; scaling up from a business perspective".

Originally from the Netherlands, Dr. Kraan holds a PhD from the University of Galway in Ireland on phylogenetics and aquaculture of seaweeds. He managed the Irish Seaweed Centre for 9 years, a seaweed-based research and development centre in the University.

He has co-founded several businesses to develop commercial ideas using seaweeds for a variety of purposes such as food and fish feed, seaweed based functional ingredient and extracts for human food products.

Currently he is involved in and focusing on large-scale seaweed cultivation in Ireland, India and Morocco, and is also actively engaged in international collaborations and organizations (e.g. as the former president of the International Seaweed Association) to promote the sustainable development of the seaweed industry.

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Expert Speaker: Annelise Chapman - Tango Seaweed

20 september 2021

A very warm velcome to Annelise Chapman, who will be an expert speaker on Day Two of the Algemania conference, and will be speaking about surviving the first years as a seaweed start-up.