Expert Speaker: Annelise Chapman - Tango Seaweed

A very warm velcome to Annelise Chapman, who will be an expert speaker on Day Two of the Algemania conference, and will be speaking about surviving the first years as a seaweed start-up.

Expert Speaker: Annelise Chapman - Tango Seaweed
She has her professional background in marine science and ecology. Having worked with coastal vegetation systems in Academia, both in Europe and North America, she was inspired to become part of the emerging seaweed sector as an entrepreneur.

As founder of TANGO Seaweed in Norway, she is enthusiastic about seaweed as a fantastic resource for a sustainable and healthy future.

Annelise Chapman hopes to contribute to a new type of aquaculture developing with diversity to its full potential.

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Expert Speaker: Stefan Kraan – the Seaweed Company

05 september 2021

We’re very happy to announce Stefan Kraan as one of the expert speakers on Day 1 of Algemania! A seaweed biologist, Dr. Kraan is the managing director and also co-founder of The Seaweed Company.